Codependent No More

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Codependent No More mobile app from Hazelden

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Melody Beattie’s Codependent No More, the best-seller that has sold more than five million copies in the U.S. alone, Hazelden has launched an innovative Codependent No More application for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. This application offers the healing text of Codependent No More, along with a variety of bonus features, including a month of personalized messages from Melody Beattie, a gallery of her journey, quick references to The Twelve Steps of Co-Dependents Anonymous, samples from three of Melody Beattie’s best-selling books, and much more.
For over two decades Beattie’s compassionate and insightful look into codependency—the concept of losing oneself in the name of helping another— has struck a universal chord among those struggling with a loved one’s self-destructive behavior. Now you can tap Melody’s hard-won wisdom and down-to-earth stories anytime you need a grounding force or a gentle reminder to take care of yourself.
Practicing positive healing from codependency has never been more accessible:
BOOKMARK your favorite quotes       
CUSTOMIZE the size and type of font
SET the optional NIGHT MODE (black background, white text) for reading ease
SHARE the wisdom of the book with friends through an automated synch to your e-mail 
RECEIVE personal message updates from Melody directly to your app (three times per week for the first month after purchase)
VIEW a video gallery of Melody’s journey
SEARCH for relevant keywords
REFERENCE The Twelve Steps of Co-Dependents Anonymous
FIND recovery books and resources through direct links to Hazelden’s online bookstore
SAMPLE three other Beattie books: 
Beyond Codependency
Language of Letting Go
Codependent No More Workbook 
As declared in a prominent magazine, “Melody Beattie is an American phenomenon….She understands being overboard, which helps her throw best-selling lifelines to those still adrift.” Let Melody help you plot a personalized path to hope, healing, and freedom with her new app. 
About Melody Beattie
Melody Beattie is one of America's most beloved self-help authors and a household name in addiction and recovery circles. Her international bestselling book, Codependent No More, introduced the world to the term "codependency" in 1986. In 2009 Dr. Drew Pinsky named Codependent No More one of the four best self-help books of all time. Millions of readers have trusted Melody's words of wisdom and guidance because she knows firsthand what they're going through. In her lifetime, she has survived abandonment, kidnapping, abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, divorce, and the death of a child. Today, Melody lives in Malibu, California where she continues to reach out to others through her words of wisdom, inspiration, and encouragement.
Hazelden is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people heal from addiction. Proceeds from this application and other Hazelden resources fund initiatives to help those struggling with addiction and related life issues.
*Hazelden is currently evaluating the creation of these applications for other common mobile devices and operating systems. Please check back for announcements about future releases.