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Discover a curated collection of top-notch literature from emerging and underappreciated literary voices. Bookslinger comes preloaded with short stories from independent publishers around the world. Every week we let fly a free story from one of our award winning publishers. 
The authors featured in this app are backed by independent publishers, the “mom and pop” stores of the publishing world, who strive to provide an option to mainstream books in much the same way indie filmmakers and record labels provide alternatives through their companies. Our  publishers’ books demonstrate  the determination, passion and sheer joy of individuals who live and breathe great authors and great literature.
We believe that Bookslinger will expose you to the best new voices in contemporary short fiction. As the creators of Bookslinger, we’ve worked hard to compile short stories that represent the range and quality of our diverse range of publishers—we’re not shooting blanks here!
All of the stories in Bookslinger are part of larger collections, so if you like what you read, you can get more of it! Each Friday at noon Eastern time, a new story will be delivered to your device for you to enjoy. Bookslinger will always be free – no cost for the app, no subscriptions to worry about, no registration required.
Stories in the app will come from publishers including Archipelago Books, Arsenal Pulp Press, Bellevue Literary Press, BOA Editions, City Lights Publishers, Coach House Books, Dzanc Books, Feminist Press, Fulcrum Publishing, Holy Cow! Press, Ig Publishing, Leapfrog Press, Manic D Press, Sarabande Books, Small Beer Press, Turtle Point Press and Two Dollar Radio. Authors include Craig Morgan Teicher, Joseph Salvatore, Ry Cooder, Holly Black, Joan Aiken, Delia Sherman, Maureen McHugh, Kelly Link, Karen Joy Fowler, and Trinie Dalton. 
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About Consortium Books
The Bookslinger app is sponsored by Consortium Books & Distribution, home to more than 100 independent publishers. Their honors include Pulitzer Prizes, National Book Awards, and Nobel Prizes (to name a few). Find us online at,, and