Morning Light / Night Light

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Morning Light / Night Light Mobile App from Hazelden for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Combining two of author Amy E. Dean’s celebrated daily meditation books into a single app, Morning Light / Night Light delivers an inspirational message to begin and end each day wherever you are.
In her signature personable style, these sensitively chosen quotations, inspiring reflections, insightful stories, and simple prayers work together to make each day of the year one to look forward to. Begin each day with renewed self-confidence and serenity, and end by reflecting on the day’s challenges as you prepare to start anew.
With the Morning Light / Night Light app you'll be able to:
  • PRESS the “Today” button to access the message synched to the exact day of the year and time of day
  • SWITCH between morning and night meditations using the sun/moon icon
  • SHAKE your device to bring up a random message of inspiration and support
  • SHARE the wisdom of favorite messages with friends through an automated synch to e-mail, text, or social media
  • CUSTOMIZE the size of the font presented, for reading ease
  • SEARCH for relevant keywords in both day and evening messages
  • FIND recovery books and resources through direct links to Hazelden’s online bookstore