24 Hours a Day

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With more than nine million copies sold, Twenty-Four Hours a Day, the classic daily meditation book from Hazelden, is a mainstay for those recovering from addiction to alcohol and other drugs.
Featuring the complete collection of thoughts, meditations, and prayers presented in the book, the 24 Hours application for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch makes it easy to focus on your sobriety anywhere, at any time. Practicing the Twelve Steps has never been more accessible:
PRESS the “Today” button to access the message synched to that exact day of the year
SWIPE forward or back to easily access more daily messages
SHAKE your device to bring up a random message of inspiration and support
SHARE the wisdom of recovery with friends by emailing a daily message
CUSTOMIZE the size of the font presented, for reading ease
SEARCH all 366 daily messages by keyword
BOOKMARK your favorite meditations and easily return to them
ACCESS a wide selection of recovery books and resources through direct links to Hazelden’s online bookstore